Sharing your saves with the Online Database


The online save database project is part of Apollo Save Tool for the PlayStation 3.


Exporting a save

To start, I’ll assume you already have the latest version of Apollo installed. You’ll also need a USB drive (FAT32) connected to your PS3 to save the exported .zip file.


If everything went well, you’ll have the exported .zip file ready on your USB storage device here: /PS3/EXPORT/

In the EXPORT folder you’ll also find a saves.txt file, listing all exported .zips with their Title-IDs and the save-game names.

Uploading a save

To upload the zipped save file and share it with the community:

The simple way is to create a GitHub issue with the provided template, then you can write down the save description and upload the Zip file directly there (just drag&drop the .zip):


If you don’t know about GitHub (forks, pull requests, etc.), don’t worry. Just upload the .zip file you created to Mediafire or any other file-sharing service, then just send me a message here with the link and information/description so I can add it.


Database structure

The database structure is simple:

Note: if the explanation is a bit confusing, please browse the database and it should be self-explanatory.

Exporting a save manually

To start, I’ll assume you already have your saves copied to your computer (if not, just try to copy the files with the XMB browser to USB, or download it via FTP). I’ll do an example with a Yakuza 4 save (BLES01081)

once I have my save copied to USB, I should have a folder: \PS3\SAVEDATA\BLES01081L03

I need to create a .zip file, with only the BLES01081L03/ folder inside. (don’t use the full path) For this example, I’ll use as the filename.

There are many ways to create a zip file, on Windows you can use a tool like WinZip, 7-zip, WinRar, etc. As an example, a command line way using Info-Zip:

zip -r BLES01081L03/

If I check the compressed file, I would see something like:

unzip -t 
    testing: BLES01081L03/            OK
    testing: BLES01081L03/USER01      OK
    testing: BLES01081L03/PARAM.PFD   OK
    testing: BLES01081L03/ICON0.PNG   OK
    testing: BLES01081L03/PIC1.PNG    OK
    testing: BLES01081L03/PARAM.SFO   OK
No errors detected in compressed data of

Uploading a save by pull request

If you’re an advanced GitHub user, you can also:


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